Historic Restoration of Doors & Ornamental Woodwork
Tuxedo Train Station, Tuxedo, NY

Originally designed by renowned architect Bruce Price and built in 1886, the Tuxedo train station building blends well with the Tudor influence of the buildings in the surrounding area. Many experts in the field of architecture feel the Tuxedo train station is an outstanding rendition of a Swiss Chalet. In 1968, the station was converted into quarters for the Tuxedo Police Department. With the later transfer of the police to larger headquarters, the station building was primed for its renaissance, which is now celebrated.  Braga Woodworks is proud to have been part of this National Historical Landmark renovation of the Tuxedo, New York, Train Station.

We created new exterior and interior doors matching the originals which date to the late 19th Century. We also re-made new columns, brackets and ornamental architectural woodwork. The interior stained glass inserts and the wooden paneled door, along with the tin ceiling, have all been preserved.  Also, the ever-present weathervane, at the summit of the cupola, still stands sentinel, guarding the integrity of a historical landmark.